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Curtain Walls

The curtain wall is an aluminium-framed,glass wall containing in-fills of metal panels and glass. These walls do not carry the floor or roof loads of the structure and can therefore act as a means to protect the building interior against the exterior natural phenomena such as sun exposure, temperature changes, earthquake, rain and wind.

This product is a designers dream with almost limitless expandability and continuous 60mm sight lines. Traditional shopfronts are restricted in the size that can be achieved and in addition are not designed to be fully watertight in extreme weather conditions. Curtain Wall facades can be constructed with expansion sleeves to allow facades to run the full height of the building while remaining watertight. Legacy Facades has achieved an A4 Class Rating of 2500pa windload for our Curtain Wall and this means that our product has been proved to perform successfully under extreme weather conditions.

Benefits of aluminium curtain walls:

  • The combination of glass and aluminium curtain walls are able to limit air leakage, prevent rain penetration and limit excessive heat loss or gain.
  • It helps protect a building.
  • A curtain wall structure can really add to the design value of a building.
  • Due to the flexibility and lightweight values of curtain walling, it allows architects to let their imaginations run wild, creating notable structures.
  • Curtain walls can assist in the event of a fire as they can stop the spread of fire.
  • Curtain walls are great for thermal regulation as they assist in keeping warm or cool air inside. 

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