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Automated Doors

Automated doors have become an essential product for most commercial entrances. Whether sliding, rotating or hinged, these doors are the modern choice for architects and designers throughout South Africa.

Automated doors open and close via an electric motor that makes use of sensors to pick up movement of people in and out of the walkthrough space. These motors are virtually noise free. The opening and closing speed can vary based on client requirements. These doors can be customised to accommodate winter/summer settings for doors to open to a certain point only. They come with options such as a backup battery to power the door during load shedding or during blackouts. They also come with a remote-control operator that can be used to open or close the door remotely when required. They can be set up to work in conjunction with biometric access control systems as well.

A sleek and elegant aesthetic that offers touchless entry and exit into any building. During these times of Covid touchless entry is a key feature for any public space. Our automated units conform to all the latest European and German standards and safety regulations.

  • Single- or double-panel siding doors
  • Emergency exits and escape routes
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Double- or four-panel telescopic sliding doors


Optional Extras
  • Various electromechanical locking devices
  • Battery backup


  • 1 Year Guarantee on Motor

Automatic doors enable convenient access for all

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